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Food Safety Management System

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Verification & Validation of Food Safety Management System

Clause 8.2 of ISO 22000:2005 (Validation of Control Measure combinations) states that an organisation must validate that the selected control measures are capable of achieving the intended control for the food safety hazard, and that the control measures are effective and capable of, in combination, ensuring control of the identified food safety hazard.  Validation is therefore an assessment done prior to operation, the role of which is to demonstrate that individual (or a combination of) control measures are capable of achieving the intended level of control.  Validation is focused on collecting and evaluating scientific and technical information to determine if the HACCP plan, when operating correctly, will effectively control the hazards.  Examples include scientific references, in house studies, peer reviewed published research.

Food Safety management system verification (Clause 8.4): Verification is an assessment carried out during and after the operation, the role of which is to demonstrate that the intended level of control has been achieved.  Codex defines verification as “the application of methods, procedures, tests and other evaluations, in addition to monitoring to determine compliance with the HACCP plan”.  Examples of verification include CCP verification activities (calibrations, targeted samples and testing, CCP record review), HACCP system verification (observations and reviews, microbiological testing), Internal and External audits, test results, review of records.

Training – Root Cause Analysis

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Join us on the 20th of October 2015 for Root Cause Analysis training; this training will provide delegates with the skills and techniques required to identify and understand the root cause of a problem, know the steps used to fix the root cause and how to finalize solutions to ensure that the fix is permanent.  Delegates will leave equipped to look beyond failure symptoms and find ways to avoid future problems.

For more information on how to register, please contact us on 086 133 7779 or email me at

Notice of Inclusion – Government Notice No. 758

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The Chief Inspector of the Department of Labour published a Notice of Inclusion in terms of Government Notice No. 758 of 21 August 2015 in GG 39128 of 21/08/2015.

This notice of inclusion means that SANAS accreditation is now also a requirement for approval as an Approved Inspection Authority to perform inspection services in terms of the following Regulations:

  1. Asbestos Regulations 8, 18 & 21;
  2. Hazardous Biological Agents Regulation 12;
  3. Hazardous Chemical Sub-stances Regulations 6 & 12;
  4. Lead Regulations 7 & 14; and
  5. Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulation 7.


New Notice from DOL to Class XXI Employers

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All Class XXI employers as listed below, have two years from 2nd March 2015 to comply with Section 7 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, Act 85 of 1993, by preparing a written policy concerning the health and safety of his employees at work.


2100: Dentistry; the business of medical practitioner, masseur or radiologist, including nursing and ambulance associations; chiropodists; the business of conducting electro medical institutes.
2110: The business of running hospitals; maternity or nursing homes; medical research laboratories; asylums, sanatoria; clinics; malaria health committees; the business of veterinary surgeon; dog breeder; bird fancier; domestic pet dealer; the business of conducting animal hospitals and homes.

We are ready, are you?

Internal Quality Auditor Training

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Join us for this popular Internal Quality Auditor training course on the 21st of October 2015 where Hugh Davies will outline the process approach to auditing based on ISO 9001:2008.  Case studies and practical tips will be covered during this training and certificates issued.  The new requirements for 2015 will be discussed.  Contact us on for details on this training.