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Recent Training

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IQS recently ran another successful ISO / FSSC22000 auditor training course for the fish processors in Namibia.

Integrated SHEQ Management Systems Training

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This three day training course takes place from the 10-12 August 2016.  This training provides delegates with the skills and techniques required to effectively implement and audit a SHEQ Management System to the relevant Systems Standard and procedures.  Case studies and practical tips will be covered and certificates issued.  For more information on how to register for this training, please contact us on 086 133 7779 /

Training – Internal Quality Auditing

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Join us for this popular training course on the 5th of July 2016.  Case studies and practical tips will be covered and certificates issued.  The new requirements for 2015 will be discussed.  Should you be interested in attending this training, please contact for more information on how to register.

Facebook & Twitter Social Media Pages

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We are now on Facebook & Twitter – follow & like our pages for regular updates.

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When do you need an MSDS?

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Standards do not specify a minimum amount of hazardous chemical substance, for good reason. Some chemicals are very dangerous in even milligram quantities while others are not. It would be impossible to anticipate and determine the potentially toxic effects of over 50,000,000 known chemical compounds and their mixtures. The only exception for this is when the material can release only a “very small quantities”, i.e. a trace amount of hazardous chemical under normal conditions of use or a foreseeable emergency. We do not have to have an MSDS on every chemical in our facilities – A can of diet soda might contain citric acid, sodium benzoate and brominated vegetable oil. MSDSs are just one form of communication. Other things, like container labels, are important too, and many items that are regulated by other government agencies do not require separate MSDSs, e.g.

  • foods, food additives, color additives, pesticides, drugs, cosmetics, medical and veterinary devices and their ingredients are exempt. These items are regulated by other sector specific regulations, rather than OSHA.
  • lip gloss, energy drink, the antibiotic cream in the first aid kit or the window cleaner in the kitchen. OSHA does not require that MSDSs be provided to purchasers of household consumer products when the products are used in the workplace in the same manner that a consumer would use them, i.e.; where the duration and frequency of use (and therefore exposure) is not greater than what the typical consumer would experience.

An MSDS is therefore required where there is a risk to exposure – the exposure of workers mixing Tippex in bulk in the production facility would be much higher than the office worker touching up a record!

Department of Labour

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Department of Labour  

Tongaat Mall Collapse Inquiry – Report to be handed to the NPA

The Tongaat Mall collapse inquiry reported several contraventions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act), and Construction Regulations Amendment, in May 2016.

Three years ago, two people were killed and 29 people injured when a column neck exploded, and a section of the mall collapsed during construction on November 19. Twenty-nine workers sustained serious injuries including to the head, back, and lower bodies.

Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant said the DOL had “strengthened relations with the NPA to make sure that there is a successful prosecution on oOcupational Health and Safety cases that are referred.”

Herewith three links to videos of the press statements made by the Department of Labour:

“Saiosh – Keeping You Informed”