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Construction Work Permit Application vs CIDB Grade 7 Project Value

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In terms of Gazette Notice 357 dated 5 July 2019, the
Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) project tender value (upper
limit) for Grade 7 has moved from R40 million to R60 million, this came into
effect on 7 October 2019. The current Department of Employment and Labour
(DoE&L) exemption Notice for
Construction Work Permit Application, dated 26 July 2019, refers to the value
as being R40 million.

Saiosh wrote to the DoE&L and asked whether the Department will be amending the current exemption Notice for Construction Work Permit Application, to stipulate Grade 7 = R60 million, or will it automatically be deemed that the value will be R60 million based on the CIDB’s notice with the new tender values.

The Department has responded as follows (on 22 October 2019):
Please note that the revised
CIDB grading threshold should be read in accordance with the 26th
July 2018 Exemption. The revised “tender limit “ of Grade 7 is now R60m
therefore clients must apply for a construction work permit where the
construction work exceeds R60m effective from 7th October 2019 

Source: SAIOSH


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Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations

Affected and interested parties or persons are
invited to submit comments on the draft regulations in writing (Annexure 1)
within 90 days from the date of the publication of this notice.

To download the draft Regulations, click the link below: