Draft Ergonomics Regulations

20 January 2020, Monday

The Draft Ergonomics Regulations was published by the Minister of Labour for public comment on 27 January 2016. These regulations could potentially have a major impact on your business.

The draft regulations make reference to “Ergonomics Risk Assessment”, “Ergonomics Programme”, “Ergonomics Risk Factors” and “Competent Person” in relation to ergonomics. If these regulations are promulgated unchanged then:

  • All employers or self-employed persons which may expose any person to physical or cognitive ergonomic risk factors will have to establish for all employees and mandatories an ergonomics training programme.
  • The training shall be provided by a person that is competent in ergonomic risk factors.
  • All employers which may expose employees to ergonomic risk factors shall have an ergonomics risk assessment performed by a competent person.

[Source SAIOSH]