21 November 2019, Thursday

implementation date for the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act is
drawing closer, and companies need to review how they gather, process and
retain personal information.

media platforms like Facebook that have been known to harvest consumer
information, could face fines as happened in 2018 when Facebook was fined
R9million for this breach.

The SA PoPI Act: –

  • states that personal information remains the “property” of the
  • requires companies to state why they need specific information,
    what it will be used for and for how long
  • examples include individual’s contact details, demographic,
    personal history, communication records, payroll information, CV, CCTV records
    and performance reviews.

Fines for contravening this
Act can be up to R10 million and/or a jail sentence. This is apart from the reputational
damage that a company faces.